About company

Career Plus Immigration has been proactive in providing Immigration services to our clients for almost a decade. Our significant and unique approach of dealing with immigration matters is what gives our clients a sense of relief and trust. We build a relationship with our clients by providing professional and authentic services. Career Plus Immigration is committed to ensure a reliable assistance with the applied knowledge and expertise associated to client’s situation in immigration.

We mainly work with refused applications and all the following:

Career Plus Immigration has two (2) members of good standing with Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), Mr. Kanwaljit Singh and Mrs. Paramjit Kaur. Both members are authorized to give consultation and representation to the clients for their purposes in Immigration matters.

Career Plus Immigration office is in Edmonton, Alberta (Strathcona Industrial Park) accessible from Whitemud Drive or Gateway Boulevard. If you need a consultation or an assessment in your immigration matter, we are available for your inquiries and you may contact us at careerplus.director@gmail.com or phone number +1 (780) 709-8600.

Firm History…

  • 1999


    Origination of Name “Career Plus”

    It was in the year of 1999 when we were deciding to enter and start the business. It was a dilemma to choose the appropriate business name which reflects a purpose and a meaning to the youngsters; having high goals, gaining professional skills, being open to options and opportunities for a good life. We had an idea to give a coaching of educational and employment skills for the real-life challenges and based on all these intentions we decided to give the name ‘Career Plus’. The name itself describes “making an addition to excel in one’s career paths”. Since starting our journey with Career Plus in Amritsar, India all members of the team have been very successful in achieving the dreams and vision of organization.

  • 2004


    Few years later we were well into developing our mutual goals. We were providing educational services to young people and all those wanting to achieve something more in life. We were achieving a high level of success in providing coaching for various entrance exams of university professional programs. In addition, we were also focused on upgrading the skills of our clients’ Personality Development Coaching, English Speaking training, preparation for IELTS and TOEFL exam, etc.



  • 2008



    A new wave of expansion was on the rise. We broadened our business at that time and also started providing overseas student admissions for Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, etc. We assisted many overseas students to achieve their dream to have an international educational and work exposure. At the same time, we started a unit for Travel & Tourism, a “Cox & Kings” franchise under the Umbrella of Career Plus.

  • 2014


    In 2014 we further developed our business and opened a head office in Edmonton, Canada where we started our immigration services under a regulatory body of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) with a Canadian authorization to consult, advise and represent the clients in their immigration matters. We also became a proud member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC). During those difficult years for Nepal, we helped many Nepalese receive their Permanent Residency in Canada based on the Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) grounds applications by helping them settle in Canada.



  • 2018



    Career Plus team is blessed to have another RCIC member during this period which made work environment more rewarding, and we succeeded with the approvals of many challenging immigration files, appeals and overturned decisions of refused applications. We kept growing and bringing more opportunities to the company’s portfolio. Our Career Plus family was expanding and in 2018, we moved to a new location and bigger office space to provide the best solutions and give maximum approach to our clients.

    “In the right environment, with the right leader setting the tone, I think teamwork undoubtedly fosters ideas and creativity.” Cody Royle

  • 2020


    The future started its unexpected course by showing new possibilities and ways when the whole world faced a new era with Covid-19. A completely new way of living was being implemented. We accepted the challenges and started shifting our workflow in a new direction. Many people were stuck and not able to find a way on how to deal with their immigration matters due to the social distancing and new ways of digital approach. We engaged into helping many people recover, obtain and maintain their immigration status, and receive their Canadian temporary visas / permits and Permanent Residence.