Refusals and Appeals

When the applicant is applying for a temporary or permanent resident application, the immigration officer may refuse the application for some reasons. If the reasons for refusal are unreasonable, wrong in fact or in law, regardless of the fact the application was presented with all supporting documents and explanation, the decision of the immigration officer can be challenged.

Even though sometimes the decision made by the immigration officer is rightful, it can still be overturned due to humanitarian grounds and consideration.

The decisions of IRCC affecting applications can be presented at the Federal Court (FC). If an application of permanent residence is refused, it can also be challenged before Immigration Appeal Division (IAD).

Depending on a particular situation of a refused application, our consultants deal with the following:

  • Reconsideration letter presented to IRCC
  • Immigration Appeal Division (IAD)

Our Consultants have a profound reputation by dealing with multiple refusals in all immigration applications, which have been successfully challenged and the decision has been overturned in applicant’s favor. (See our client’s reviews and videos)

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