Temporary Resident Permit


“If you are inadmissible to Canada but would like to visit Canada on temporary basis, you might be eligible for TRP.”

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) Introduction

A Temporary Resident Permit or TRP is a document allowing a foreign national to travel and visit Canada on legal basis, due to their inadmissibility to Canada for one of many different reasons such as criminal and medical inadmissibility. If eligible to receive a TRP, the foreign national may be granted for one of two types of TRP: single-entry or multiple-entry permit. The duration of TRP can be issued for a single stay or up to 3 years which depends on the reason and time period for entering Canada. To find out more about the inadmissibility, contact us!

A Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers have the authority to issue a TRP.

A TRP is for specific situations where the foreign national has valid reasons for travelling and entering Canada and by entering on temporary resident status is not causing any risks to Canadians

If a foreign national needs to stay in Canada longer than first expected, they can apply for an extension of TRP

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) eligibility and requirements

An inadmissible foreign national may apply for a TRP by submitting an application with all supporting documents, and an explanation for the reasons of inadmissibility and the intention for entering Canada.

A person holding a valid TRP is not authorized to study or work. They need to apply a separate application to work or study with TRP application and meet the eligibility requirements.

If the foreign national is permitted to enter Canada although they are inadmissible, but they have justifiable reasons, they are issued a TRP for the length of the stay in Canada, usually for 6 months. They can request for an extension from inside Canada multiple times, but it will not exceed a total of 3 years.

A TRP can only be issued for a valid entry based on temporary residence as a visitor, student or worker however, it cannot be used to obtain any Permanent Residence processing

Eligibility and Requirements

“If your reason to travel to Canada is of an important matter, but you are inadmissible, you might be eligible to apply for TRP.”


“Processing of TRP applications are done by Canadian Consulates or any Canadian port of entry.”

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) Process

Processing of TRP applications are done by Canadian Consulates and it takes approximately 4 to 6 months to process in regular situations. Some applications might take longer, depending on the person’s background. In addition, TRP applications can be made at any Canadian port of entry. These TRP applications are processed promptly. As already mentioned there are two ways of processing TRP applications, one is by Canadian Consulates and the other at Canadian port of entry. The benefit of processing at the port of entry is time, which can only take up to few minutes. However, the outcome is unsure and if the applicant is denied entry, they will not be allowed to enter Canada until their file is processed by the Canadian Consulate.

An immediate processing of TRP application can only be done for American citizens by an immigration officer at the Canadian port of entry.

For TRP application processing, the applicants are expected to show their entry to Canada is of an explanatory and necessary nature.

There is a government fee for application processing in amount of CAD $200 regardless of where the application is being processed (Canadian consulate or port of entry).

Supporting documents

“Explanation letter explaining the reasons for inadmissibility and the intent to enter Canada, is one of the main supporting documents in TRP application.”

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) Supporting documents

The foreign national who is inadmissible to Canada but wishes to travel and visit Canada for justifiable reasons, must provide suitable supporting documents to show the intention is of an important matter. To do so the applicants need to follow the document checklist from inside or outside Canada and provide the necessary documentation depending on their inadmissibility reason.

If applying for TRP from inside Canada the application needs to be submitted to the IRCC for processing.

If the applicant is a citizen coming from a visa-exempt country, they need to follow the instructions for that specific country sue to changes in the application forms and the applicant might not be eligible to apply at the port of entry.

Have a valid passport to apply for the TRP.

Alerts for refused applicants (under FAQ section)

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