Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) in Canada

The Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) in Canada is a legal document that enables visitors to enter Canada who are otherwise banned from entering. The Temporary Resident Permit in Canada is for people who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents and are inadmissible due to several reasons. The reasons might be health related issues or crimes committed in past. Therefore, TRPs address two categories of inadmissibility:

People might be denied entry to Canada for a variety of reasons. A TRP in Canada may be granted when a visitor has a good reason to come to Canada and their benefits surpass any potential threats to Canadian society. In that case only, a person should proceed for TRP under Canada Immigration i.e. IRCC.

Medical Inadmissibility

Every candidate for immigration to Canada is required to undergo a medical examination by a licensed doctor before being granted a visa. Even visitors who are only passing through the country must have a medical examination.

It is possible for individuals to be declared medically ineligible for entry into Canada if their health could harm public safety or health or result in unduly large demands on social or health services.

Non-residents must provide the Canadian government with the necessary documentation to prove that they are eligible to immigrate to Canada notwithstanding any medical restrictions they may have.

Who can’t enter due to their health?

The legislation stipulates that a foreign national, who is defined as any person who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident, may be found to be medically disqualified for one of three explanations:

  • You undoubtedly represent a “danger to public health”
  • Your presence is a “public safety risk”
  • You are likely to “unnecessarily strain [medical or social services]”

Examples of physical issues that may prohibit entry include:

  • A person may become inadmissible to Canada due to a number of medical issues
  • Untreated syphilis, lung-related
  • Active Tuberculosis
  • Drug addiction issues
  • Confrontational or disruptive behavior, such as violence or aggressive driving
  • Biological brain conditions

People, who are suffering from any medical inadmissibility, may apply for TRP under Canada Immigration.

Criminal Inadmissibility

According to Canadian immigration law, if you have committed or been found guilty of a crime, you might not be allowed entrance into Canada. This is known as Criminal Inadmissibility. You might be “Criminally Inadmissible”, to put it simply.

Although it is impossible to enter Canada with a criminal record, there are a number of applications that can help.

If you have a criminal past and are disqualified from entering Canada, you may apply under Canada Immigration for Temporary Resident Permit.

It offers limited access to Canada for a predetermined amount of time. It is one of Canada’s programs that may help to overcome inadmissibility to Canada.

Crimes that bar you from entry Canada

Both serious and less serious offences can prevent you from entering Canada. Simply said, it might be challenging for individuals to enter Canada with these criminal records.

This comprises:

  • To steal
  • An assault
  • Violent crime
  • Dangerous driving
  • Driving while intoxicated or high on drugs
  • Possession or trafficking of illegal drugs or other banned substances is a crime
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Reckless driving
  • Improper handling of weapons

How Can I Obtain a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit?

You must submit an application for TRP under Canada Immigration together with supporting documentation that explains your Criminal Inadmissibility and any potential justifications for your entry into Canada in order to be considered for a Temporary Resident Permit. By this way only, you will be able to get TRP in Canada.

You must submit your TRP application to the Canadian government for review after you or your immigration attorney has gathered all the necessary Canadian immigration paperwork.

Fees and Time Processing

At any port of entry or the Canadian Immigration office, there is a CAD 200 processing fee to apply for a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit.

If you know you need to enter Canada but are not eligible, the Canadian government advises you to request under Canada Immigration for Temporary Resident Permit in advance. The processing time as well as the chance of your success may be affected by the place you choose.

The TRP’s duration

The time frame for which your TRP will permit you to enter Canada changes once it has been approved. Depending on your grounds for traveling, a Canadian Temporary Resident Permit may be granted for as short as a day or two, not for longer than three years. The border agent or Canadian immigration officer who examines your application will decide the time period of your TRP in Canada.

TRPs are awarded in two different forms:

  • Single-entry TRPs
  • Multiple-entry TRPs.

You can only enter Canada once with a single entry, and the TRP expires when you depart. For a particular event on a particular date, such as a wedding, a single-entry TRP might be authorized.

Multiple-entry TRPs are given for a predetermined amount of time and enable you to enter, exit, and return as often as necessary while they are valid. After the designated time period, these Temporary Resident Permit Canada expire. The likelihood of receiving a multiple-entry TRP is higher for those who frequently and unexpectedly required visiting to Canada for business, like flight attendants or pilots.

You won’t be able to enter Canada once again after your TRP expires due to your record. Following that, you have the option to reapply under Canada Immigration for Temporary Resident Permit or choose a Criminal Rehabilitation application for a long-term fix.

Is the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) the same as the Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) in Canada? 

A Temporary Resident Permit is distinct from a visitor visa, also referred to as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV).

A Temporary Resident Permit Canada is only applied to individuals who are prohibited from entering Canada.

On the other hand, visitors, students, and workers may all be granted a TRV, which serves as proof that you are qualified to enter Canada temporarily. With a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), the majority of visitors can stay for up to six months.

Understand the Temporary Resident Status

Those who are regarded as “Temporary Residents” are provided that status. Any foreign national who is legally permitted to enter Canada temporarily is considered a temporary resident.

Foreign nationals with Temporary Resident Status are either foreign nationals who have been given a Temporary Resident Permit Canada or who meet the qualifications to enter Canada as guests, students, or workers. To have Temporary Resident Status, you must physically be in Canada.

When do you become qualified for Canadian Temporary Resident Permit?

You may not be allowed to enter Canada if you have been convicted of a crime, whether it was local or international.

Even if you committed a small offence, fulfilled the requirements of your sentence, or in some situations, the crime occurred when you were a child, you might not be permitted to enter Canada. In that situation, you need to apply for TRP under Canada Immigration.

NOTE: You may not be accepted due to additional criteria, such as health issues.

Therefore, despite the fact that you may have trouble entering Canada due to these potential problems, you can still apply for a Temporary Resident Permit Canada.

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