British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is a pathway to Canadian permanent residence in BC. The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is aimed at recruiting immigrants such as skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs and workers in sectors with labour shortages who would benefit the province ultimately.

British Columbia, Canada’s western most province, is located between the Pacific Ocean and the continental divide of the Rocky Mountains. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia, while Vancouver is the biggest city in the province. During the winter, Victoria retains the title of being the warmest city in Canada. Agriculture, construction, forestry, health and manufacturing are the employment opportunities and sectors available in BC. Lower crime rates and efficient regulations make British Columbia one of the safest locations to work and live in the world.

Are you looking to immigrate to British Columbia? This is the right place to understand the whole program. British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program allows the province to choose and nominate foreign employees, international students, and entrepreneurs to satisfy B.C.’s labour market demands, government priorities, and economic growth. If you obtain a nomination from the province, you and your family can apply to the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to become permanent residents of Canada.

Applicants must pay fee through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) online portal when applying for the application, as the streams are different, fee also vary.

There are three major programs under the British Columbia provincial nomination program.

BC Provincial Nominee Program Streams Options

BC PNP Streams Job Offer? Is It Currently Accepting Applications? Who Can Apply? Other Requirements
Skilled Worker Yes (Skill Type 0, Skill Level A or B) Yes

Skilled workers applying for occupations under NOC skill level A, B or 0

At least two years of work experience in skilled work.

Health Authority Yes Yes

Specialist, Registered Psychiatric Nurse, Physician, Midwife, Registered Nurse, Clinical Pharmacist, Medical Radiation Technologist, Physiotherapist, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer, Occupational Therapist, Medical Laboratory Technologist

At least two years of experience as physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses or allied health professionals.

Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Yes, candidates must be currently working. Yes

Long-Haul Trucking, Hospitality or Tourism, Food Processing, Already working in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia

Work in certain positions in tourism, food processing, or long-haul trucking or must be living and working in the Northeast Development Region of British Columbia

International Graduate Yes Yes

Graduate or Undergraduate Degree, Diploma (Eight-Month Requirement), Practicum (Eight-Month Requirement), Internships, Co-Op Work Terms

Have graduated from an eligible university or college in the last three years.

International Post Graduate No Yes

The approved academic areas: Natural Resources Conservation & Research, Agriculture, Mathematics & Statistics, Engineering, Health Professions & Related Clinical Sciences, Biological & Biomedical Sciences, Engineering Technology, Computer & Information Sciences & Support Services, Physical Sciences

Have graduated with a Master’s or PhD from a B.C. university in the natural, applied or health sciences programs of study.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech Yes Yes

Skilled worker (including Express Entry BC option), International Graduate (including Express Entry BC option)

At least two years of work experience in skilled work,

Skilled worker Yes Yes

NOC Skill Level A, B or 0

At least two years of work experience in skilled work.

Health authority Yes Yes

Allied health professionals and other positions like physicians, nurses, etc.

At least two years of experience as physicians, nurses, psychiatric nurses or allied health professionals, or a midwife with a letter of confirmation from an established practice group in B.C.

International Graduate Yes Yes

NOC Skill Level A, B or 0

Have graduated from an eligible university or college in the last three years.

International Post Graduate No Yes N/A

Have graduated with a Master’s or PhD from a B.C. university in the natural, applied or health sciences programs of study.

Skills Immigration

Developing economy of British Columbia is finding skilled and experienced workers. Below are further streams under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Skills Immigration.

Skilled Worker

Skilled Worker stream targets workers in a professional, management, technical, trade or other skilled occupations.


  • Valid job offer under NOC Code 0, A and B from BC employer
  • Work experience of minimum 2 years in any skilled occupation (NOC 0, A or B)
  • For NOC Skill level B, meet minimum language requirement CLB 4, no language test is required for skill level 0 and A (unless you are seeking language points)
  • Wage offer that aligns to the occupation’s wage rates in BC
  • Legal immigration status in Canada
  • Being qualified to accomplish the job’s responsibilities
  • Demonstrate ability to support yourself and your dependents by showing annual wage, residence location in province and number of dependents

Health Authority

People working for a health authority in British Columbia including physician, midwife or a nurse practitioner can apply under this stream.


  • Full-time valid job offer from a public health authority
  • A letter from a health authority confirming your status as a BC physician or nurse practitioner
  • A letter from a well-established British Columbia midwife practice group stating that you have been accepted into the organization as an associated midwife for at least six months
  • At least 2 years of work experience
  • Being in occupation under NOC Skill level 0, A and B
  • For NOC Skill level B, needs CLB 4 (No language test for skill level 0 and A)
  • Proof of funds

Entry-level and Semi-Skilled

Applicants in tourism/hospitality, food processing, long-haul trucking or healthcare sector occupations are eligible under this stream.


  • Valid job offer from BC employer
  • Job must be on the list of eligible occupations in your industry
  • If you work in any National Occupational Classification (NOC) Skill Level C or D occupation, you may apply for the Northeast Development Region of BC
  • Proof of funds
  • Minimum CLB 4 to prove language ability
  • Before applying, you must have worked full-time for your company for a minimum of nine months
  • Being qualified for the position you’ve been given, including completing any certification or registration requirements in British Columbia

International Graduate

Graduates from an eligible Canadian University or College within last 3 years with  valid academic credentials can obtain provincial nomination under this stream.


  • Within last three years, graduated with a degree, diploma, or certificate from an approved post-secondary institution in Canada
  • Valid job offer under NOC Skill level A or B from BC employer
  • This category does not include managerial positions which are classified as Skill Type 0 in the NOC
  • Being qualified to work in your field in British Columbia
  • Meet the minimum language requirements for NOC skill level B, CLB 4
  • Wage offer that is in line with the occupation’s wage rates in British Columbia
  • Demonstrate ability to support yourself and your dependents
  • Legal immigration status in Canada or being eligible for it

International Post-Graduate

International Post-Graduate stream is for candidates who have a graduate degree in science or engineering from a British Columbia university.


  • Eligible Graduate degrees
    • Agriculture
    • Biological and Biomedical Sciences
    • Computer and Information Sciences
    • Engineering
    • Engineering Technology
    • Health Professions
    • Mathematics and Statistics
    • Natural Resources Conservation and Research
    • Physical Sciences
  • Legal immigration status in Canada or being eligible for it
  • Demonstrate skills and desire to live, work, and establish an economic base in British Columbia

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) Tech

Skilled workers who are eligible for in-demand tech occupations can apply for nominations considering following requirements. You must select the appropriate category for you and complete the general and category requirements.

Skilled worker (including Express Entry BC option)

International Graduate (including Express Entry BC option)


  • Valid job offer in one of the in-demand tech occupations
  • Job offer must be valid for least 1 year
  • If you have a valid job offer at the time of application, the employment offer must have at least 120 days left and must be for at least one year

Express Entry British Columbia Stream

The Express Entry British Columbia stream requires a federal Express Entry profile number, job seeker validation code (from Canada Job Bank) and minimum language requirements. These credentials indicate that you qualify for one of the federal economic immigration programs.

You can apply for skills immigration through Express Entry British Columbia stream, if you are eligible for following categories:

  • Skilled worker
  • Health authority
  • International Graduate
  • International Post Graduate

The first necessity under this stream is an active federal Express Entry profile in which applicant meets specific requirements such as qualification, language ability and work experience. Also a valid job offer from an eligible BC employer (except international post-graduate stream) or any other specific requirements depending on the stream.

You are required to register with Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) which allows BC to evaluate your education, language ability, job in British Columbia and wage in relation to BC labour market and then you can register your complete application with BC Provincial Nominee Program online. However, candidates applying under International Post Graduate and Healthcare Authorities can apply directly through British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program online.

Entrepreneur Immigration

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program’s Entrepreneur Immigration stream offers nomination to experienced entrepreneurs who can contribute to province’s innovation and economic growth. There are three streams under this program.

Base Category

Base category is for top executives or business owners who want to invest into a new venture in British Columbia.

The base category is currently paused therefore; new registrations are not being accepted at this time.

Regional Pilot

The Entrepreneur Immigration (EI) Regional Pilot was launched in March 2019 and will remain until March 31, 2024. BC Provincial Nominee Program offers this immigration option for innovative individuals who want to start a new business in small communities of BC and make British Columbia their new home. Each community has developed its own administrative process, and some may charge a fee for services.

First you need to explain your proposal to community representatives using their contact details and if community representative feels that business plan will be beneficial for the community, you will be invited for exploratory visit to their community. This would be beneficial to gain first hand experience of location as well as you will be able to meet their contact person. This will help you also to decide whether this community is the right place for your business or not.

After exploratory visit, you can request for the referral from the community, if you feel that this community is accurate place for you, your family and your business, Entrepreneur applicants can register and apply for the EI Regional Pilot with issued referral.

Eligibility Criteria for EI Regional Pilot

  • Establish a new business that is suitable and associated with the referring community’s priorities
  • Demonstrate business or management experience
  • Having at least CAD 300,000 in personal net worth
  • Make a personal investment in the business of at least CAD 100,000
  • At least one full-time employment for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Minimum CLB 4 to show language proficiency
  • Legal immigration status in Canada or being eligible for it
  • Being lawfully admitted in the home country

Here you can find the full list of communities that are eligible for EI Regional Pilot.

Strategic Projects

Successful companies outside Canada can expand their businesses in Canada if they meet the eligibility requirements of Strategic Projects program under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. Eligible companies can apply provincial nomination of its current five senior employees to support their permanent residence.

Foreign Corporation must

  • Be well-established and financially secure
  • Be capable and ready for BC expansion
  • Be able to deliver considerable economic benefit to the province by making high value investments
  • Make minimum equity investment of CAD 500,000
  • Start a new business or buy/expand an eligible business in Canada
  • Create at least three new full-time jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
Eligible employees        Ineligible employees
·         Must be qualified and experienced

·         Must be appointed as an executive or senior managerial position or have a specialized knowledge            necessary for business in BC.

·         Employment in BC operation must be full time

·         Will be paid a wage that is appropriate with his or her experience and consistent with industry and            company pay structures

·         Prohibited to enter Canada

·         Not allowed to enter lawfully in the  country Where employee is living currently

·         Staying in Canada and are out of status

·         Working in Canada illegally

·         Unresolved Refugee claim in Canada

·         Under a removal order inland or outland Canada

Procedure to start a Strategic Project in BC and obtain provincial nomination

Step 1

Senior executive who represents the foreign company must visit British Columbia(BC) for an exploratory visit. This visit is beneficial to understand the opportunities and local business environment.

Step 2

Company must contact British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program to discuss the business proposal. Then, Strategic Project application needs to be registered stating company’s interest to apply including company’s details, proposed investment and qualification of key staff, processing fee is CAD 300.

Step 3

BC provincial government will consider the registration and send Invitation to Apply, determining the eligibility of firm. Within 90 days you will have to submit full application including forms of key staff members and all necessary documents. Application fee is CAD 3,500 and additional CAD 1,000 for each key staff member.

Step 4

After submission of complete application, business profile will be assessed and all key staff members could be invited to attend an in-person interview at the BC PNP office in Vancouver.

Step 5

Upon approval of application, BC provincial government, signing authorities of company and each approved key staff member will sign a corporate Performance Agreement.

Step 6

All key staff members will be issued a work permit. Staff members must immigrate to British Columbia within 6 months, from the day of obtaining work permit support letter. Key staff members need to submit a completed arrival report within 2 months of arriving in BC. After fulfilling the Performance Agreement obligations, company submits the final report to BC Provincial Nominee Program.

Step 7

Finally, nomination for the PR will be issued to each key staff member who meets the terms and conditions of performance agreement. Now, each key staff member needs to apply PR application within 180 days of nomination.

Why choose BC PNP?

BC PNP Benefits

High wages and employee rights

Most of the employers in British Columbia offer high wages and other benefits like medical and dental coverage to their employees. Income depends on education, experience and occupation. Minimum wage rate in British Columbia is $14.60 per hour. BC Human Rights Code safeguards employees against discrimination like skin colour, race, religion, marital status, gender, age or a disability.

Excellent healthcare and education

People residing in British Columbia can enjoy high-quality education and health care without incurring any cost. Registration in BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) offers accessibility to excellent healthcare services to you and your family. Maclean’s magazine ranked ‘The University of British Columbia’ at No. 1, under Canada’s best education programs for 2022.


People from different corners of the world address British Columbia as their home, such as students, visitors and new British Columbians. Around 30% of British Columbians have immigrated from other countries. According to the law in British Columbia, you must respect the lives, beliefs, religions and cultures of others and they must respect yours.

High standard of living

People in British Columbia live a high standard of life. The average cost of living in BC is $1780 per month. Apart from outstanding health amenities, British Columbia is home to various MNCs. Breakthrough technologies are booming day by day. Above all, there are abundant job opportunities.


Crime rate in British Columbia is lower and regulations are very effective, which is why it is considered as the safest place to live in Canada.
Oak Bay is one of the safest cities in Canada and British Columbia, with a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) of 29.81 and a crime rate twice lower than Canada’s average rate.


British Columbia has a wonderful diverse climate. The weather of southern British Columbia is one of the mildest in Canada. Climate of BC is influenced by Pacific Ocean and mountain ranges. Summers are hotter in the province’s interior and central districts, with temperatures often reaching 30°C or more in July. Winters in the mountains are colder and snowier than those in coastal areas.

To sum up, British Columbia provides a plethora of facilities to its residents so, acquiring the Permanent Resident of Canada through BC PNP is a prudent choice.

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