Criminal Rehabilitation in Canada

The Criminal Rehabilitation Canada can be referred as a basis to eliminate criminal inadmissibility. According to Canadian immigration law, if you have committed or been found guilty of a crime, you might not be allowed entrance into Canada. This circumstance is known as “Criminal Inadmissibility”. To overcome Criminal Inadmissibility, there are several Crime Rehabilitation Programs to enter Canada.

Criminal Rehabilitation for Canada: One option to overcome Criminal Inadmissibility to Canada is through Canadian criminal rehabilitation. Rehabilitating a criminal record effectively cleans it up for Canadian immigration purposes.

When can you submit a Canadian Criminal Rehabilitation Application?

You may submit an application for rehabilitation if:

  • You have been found guilty outside of Canada and the sentence has been served for five (5) years
  • The crime you committed occurred outside of Canada, and five (5) years have passed since the end of the sentence that was given

What do I need to do if my conviction was outside Canada?

If someone has committed the crime outside Canada, then they need to submit certain documents to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). The documents you need to submit are:

  • A proof of pardon has been granted to you
  • Confirmation of your discharge, unconditional or conditional
  • A document showing that your accusations have been dropped or dismissed
  • A documentation of the legislation with which you were charged

What do I need to do if my conviction was within Canada?

If someone has committed the crime inside Canada, then they need to provide certain documents to the CIC. The documents you need to submit are:

  • A criminal record clearance from the police in every country you’ve resided in for six months or more since you were 18 (including Canada)
  • A letter or other document stating that, if you were a juvenile criminal, the nation in which you were sentenced has distinctive laws regarding juvenile offenders
  • Records of any court judgments entered against you
  • Any records linked to the sentence you were given that expressly state the date your sentence was served
  • A documentation of the Canadian or international legislation with which you were charged

Record suspension

Record Suspension is must if you have committed a crime inside Canada and it is also known as Pardon. Once you have Pardon, then your criminal record will be treated distinct and away from other records and won’t appear on a criminal record check if you have a Record Suspension.

What are the different types of Criminal Rehabilitation to enter Canada?

To remove Criminal Inadmissibility under Criminal Rehabilitation for Canada, individuals have following options:

  • Criminal Rehabilitation
  • Deemed Rehabilitation

Criminal Rehabilitation:

Criminal Rehabilitation is also known as Individual Rehabilitation. A formal application procedure is included in Criminal Rehabilitation. Individual rehabilitation involves a determination of whether a person is likely to commit future crimes. To apply for this, applicants must prove that:

  • They are now rehabilitated.
  • They will not take in any criminal activity in future.
  • A minimum of five years has passed after serving a sentence.

Deemed Rehabilitation:

In the event that enough time has passed since a crime was committed, a person may be considered to have undergone rehabilitation. A person must have committed a crime that carries a sentence of less than 10 years in prison or less than five years in prison in order to be considered rehabilitated, depending upon the type of crime. There is no application process to be deemed rehabilitated. You only have to demonstrate to a Canadian authority that enough time has passed since your last offence.

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