Medical Inadmissibility to Canada

The term “Medical Inadmissibility to Canada” refers to those people who have medical conditions that might endanger public health or safety or that might result in unnecessarily high demands on Canada’s social or health services.

Before receiving a visa, every applicant who wants to migrate Canada is obliged to go through a medical examination by a qualified doctor. Even visitors who intend to stay only temporarily in the country must undergo a medical examination to show that they are not under Canada’s Medical Inadmissibility.

Applicants must apply for the programs in order to migrate Canada with medical inadmissibility by submitting the documents to the Canadian government.

What is Medical Inadmissibility to Canada?

“Canadian Medical Inadmissibility” refers to any foreign national defined as any individual who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident and is medically unfit for immigrating to Canada due to Medical Inadmissibility, because of the reasons:

  • You probably pose a “threat to the general public’s health”
  • You pose a “threat to public safety”
  • It is possible that you will put an “undue strain on medical or social services”

A threat to the general public’s health

If you are a victim of any disease that can affect the life of other people as well, your visa may get refused. In short, poor medical conditions may become barrier for you to immigrate Canada. Hence, you will fall under the category of Canadian Medical Inadmissibility.

NOTE: Your immigration medical exam results are used to make this determination.

Your immigration health examination outcomes, such as:

  • Whether you have come into contact with someone who have an infectious disease
  • How your illness might affect Canadian residents
  • Whether you may be infected with certain diseases, such as active syphilis or active tuberculosis
  • Any more expert reports that our medical officers demand
  • Results of laboratory tests ordered by designated third-party doctors

A threat to public safety

Your visa may get refused if you have medical inadmissibility that might put general public in danger. In simple terms, safety of general public is in danger due to your illness. Your health condition can be a reason for your denied visa or medical inadmissibility under Canada immigration, if your health status poses a risk to the general safety of Canadians.

Following conditions can be considered:

  • Unexpected disability (loss of physical and mental abilities)
  • Inconsistent or aggressive behavior.

Undue strain on medical or social services

Your application might be refused, if your medical conditions will put heavy strain on medical or social services. Certain conditions will be taken into consideration if you have medical inadmissibility.

  • The cost of the services required to manage and treat your health condition would probably exceed the excessive demand cost level
  • In Canada, waiting periods for services might be adversely impacted by the health or social services required to treat your condition

Examples of medical conditions that lead to Medical inadmissibility to Canada:

There are several medical conditions which will lead to Canadian inadmissibility.

  • Unresolved Syphilis
  • Active Tuberculosis in the lungs
  • Drug misuse problems
  • Hostile or disruptive behavior such as aggressive driving  or violence
  • Biological brain illnesses
  • Delusional states
  • Sexual illnesses including impulsive sociopathic behavior disorders and pedophilia etc.

Solutions to Canadian Medical inadmissibility

There are number of ways by which we can overcome medical inadmissibility and will help in immigrating to Canada with medical inadmissibility.

There is a major program under which you can overcome your ineligibility due to medical issues to Canada. That is:

Temporary Resident Permit (TRP)

Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship and Canada (IRCC) have a list of conditions that provide health hazards to Canadians. Certain medical conditions may result in medical inadmissibility to Canada.

  • Untreated AIDS
  • Tuberculosis
  • Aggressive or disruptive attitude
  • Sexual disorders
  • Behavior that is impulsive and sociopathic

Any person with Canadian medical inadmissibility may apply for TRP. Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) is the best solution to migrate Canada under medical inadmissibility. TRP provides temporary residence to individuals.

Do you have a Canadian Procedural Fairness letter?

In case, if you have medical inadmissibility under Canada immigration; you will receive a letter which will have an explanation regarding your Inadmissibility. Before making a decision about your application, you will get this letter. This is known as Procedural Fairness letter.

There will be a chance for you to provide information in order to reply.

  • You can provide documents regarding your treatment.
  • The medications you are taking.
  • The price of your treatment and medicines.

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