Electronic Travel Authorization in Canada

The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is required for citizens from visa-exempt countries travelling and entering Canada by air. An eTA is online form these individuals need to submit before their departure. It enables a screening of a person before arriving to Canada by checking their admissibility.

If holding a valid Canadian visa, it is not required to apply for an eTA.

It is recommended to apply for an eTA before booking a flight to Canada by using a simple online process.

To visit or transit Canada, a person must have a valid Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) OR eTA, both are not required.

Electronic Travel Authorization Eligibility and Requirements

A person traveling to Canada must meet general requirements and have a valid travel document like passport, no health issues, no previous immigration, or criminal issues, have ties to their home country (family, job, real estate, financial assets), meet the requirements and leave Canada at the end of authorized visit/stay, have sufficient funds for your stay in Canada and a valid eTA (or TRV-Temporary Resident Visa).

And eTA is required if:

  • An individual is from a visa-exempt country and is coming to Canada by air or transiting through a Canadian airport
  • A person is a lawful permanent resident of USA and is coming to Canada by air or transiting through a Canadian airport (valid Green card and same passport used to apply for an eTA must be presented)

A person coming to Canada or transiting by car, bus, train or boat (cruise ship included) is NOT required to have an eTA or a visitor visa.

An individual meeting the basic requirements to enter Canada needs a valid eTA if traveling to Canada by air and coming from a visa-exempt country.

An approved Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) does not warrant entry to Canada, a person should be eligible to enter Canada.

Electronic Travel Authorization Process

An eTA application process requires few steps:

    • Apply before booking a flight
    • Have a valid passport
    • Visit online form
    • Pay CAD $7 after completing your online form with a debit or credit card

Usually most eTA applications are approved in a few minutes and the approval is sent to the applicant’s email address, but for some it may take up to several days if they are requested to submit additional documents.

After submitting an eTA application online, the applicant receives an approval confirmation to their email address rather fast. In some cases an instruction email is sent within the 72 hours after applying to submit additional documents.

When approved Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is received a person must check the information provided is matching their passport number.

Electronic Travel Authorization Supporting Documents

To apply for an eTA an individual will need a valid passport from a visa-exempt country and an email address, and a debit or credit card to pay the fees.

An eTA application can be submitted and paid for one person at a time.

To show an approved eTA at check-in flight to Canada a person must show the same passport used to apply for an eTA and a copy of their approved eTA.

If a person does not possess a valid eTA then it will not be allowed to board the flight.

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