Study Permit Sponsor Family members in Canada

The Study Permit Sponsor Program is designed for international students and they have an option to bring their family members with them to Canada. However, they must show to the visa officer their intentions are to leave Canada after the studies are completed. International students might also submit a letter explaining why they want their family members to accompany them to Canada.

Study Permit holders may sponsor their:

  • Spouses to come to Canada. Spouses may apply for a spousal open work permit and they can be authorized to work full-time for an employer in Canada for the same period,
  • Dependent children and/or parents to accompany them as visitors to Canada.

The applicant must not misrepresent their intentions as they might be issued a five year ban from Canada if they put misleading or false information.

When an international student is applying for their family members to accompany them to Canada, they should first obtain their study permit and enroll into their studies. After their Family members can apply for a Study or Work Permit, or a Visitor Visa.

If a spouse of an international student is interested to pursue studies in Canada, they must apply a separate study permit application.

Study Permit Sponsor Eligibility and Requirements

Applicants must show they have sufficient financial support required for their stay in Canada and if they are accompanied by their family members, they need to present additional funds to support them as well. They should also consider their family members living expenses and medical insurance.

Family members applications can be submitted with an international student’s study permit application.

Family members of international students are eligible to apply for a visitor, study or work permit as long as they submit all required supporting documents and show they will leave Canada after their authorized stay expires.

All applications of your family members should be submitted online.

Study Permit Sponsor Process

Processing times vary depending on the countries visa office. To have a smooth process without any delays, it is requested to follow all necessary guidelines and document checklist.

The applicant must pay the processing fees of their application.

To avoid any delays in processing, family members should prepare their immigration documentation ahead.

Study Permit Sponsor Supporting Documents

Family members are required to provide necessary documents of their own to be eligible for the issuance of a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)/study or work permit. In addition, an international student should also support their applications by submitting supporting documents of their study (or graduation ceremony).

Minor children accompanying their parents who are study or work permit holders are authorized to enroll in elementary school.

Beside the generic supporting documents, family members should attach other documents to show they are financially capable of supporting themselves while residing in Canada temporarily.

Dependent child is a person under the age of 22 years without a spouse or partner. A person considered as a dependent child might also be older then 22 years of age if the person is financially dependent on their parents/guardians due to a mental or physical disorder.

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