Authorization to Return to Canada

An Authorization to return to Canada (ARC) is required to anyone who had to leave Canada as a result of a removal order and wants to return. Authorization to return to Canada is an official authorization from the Canadian government allowing people who are given a removal in order to enter the nation again. The type of removal order is always specified in a document provided to the person before they leave Canada.

An ARC Authorization to return to Canada cannot be submitted from within Canada, and unlike a TRP, a custom and border officer is not authorized to issue an ARC at the border or port of entry.

When a foreign national is ordered to leave, a number of actions are taken by the Canadian government to ensure their departure. A requirement for an Authorization to return to Canada (ARC) may or may not exist depending on the action taken.

Removal orders

A removal order is issued when someone violates the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada. The three different categories of removal orders are:

Types of Removal Order ARC required?
Departure Order No
Exclusion Order Yes (within a year)
Exclusion Order (in case of misrepresentation) Yes (within 60 months)
Deportation Order Yes

Departure Order

When you receive a departure order, you need to leave the country. You have 30 days from the day the departure order goes into force to leave Canada. At your port of exit, you must additionally confirm your departure with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Following these steps will allow you to leave Canada and return later by having Authorization return to Canada, if you meet the country’s admission requirements.

If you leave the country within the 30 days of departure order, then:

  • You do not require Authorization to return to Canada (ARC).
  • You can return to Canada whenever you want by meeting the country’s admission requirements.

If you don’t leave the country within the 30 days of departure order, then:

  • Your departure order will automatically be converted into a deportation order. In that case, you need to apply for Authorization to return to Canada (ARC).

Exclusion Order

You do not require Authorization return to Canada if:

  • It has been 12 months since your departure from Canada.
  • You have a Certificate of Departure.

You require Authorization to return to Canada if:

  • You want to come back to Canada within 12 months of the Exclusion Order’s issuance
  • You don’t have a Certificate of Departure.

Deportation Order

You must submit an application for an Authorization to Return to Canada by taking assistance of any (ARC) Canada immigration, if you have a deportation order.

Are direction to leave Canada and deportation orders the same thing?

The “Direction to leave Canada” is sometimes misunderstood as a removal order. You do not require an ARC if you have given a “Direction to leave Canada” because it is not a removal order.

Before submitting an application:

Before submitting an application under (ARC) Canada immigration, take into account your current circumstances and the reason you were given an enforcement order.

NOTE: If deportation was occurred due to any crime committed by you, then first seek for Temporary Resident Permit.

What should be included in a return to Canada authorization application?

As the immigration officer will need to be convinced to give you re-entry, you must carefully evaluate your circumstances before applying. To apply for ARC under immigration Canada, along with all necessary supporting documentation, you must complete and submit the Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) application form.

Some of the elements the officer will take into account are listed below:

  • The grounds for the removal order.
  • How long it’s been since the order was issued.
  • The likelihood that you’ll act in the same way that led to the order being issued.
  • Your current circumstances.
  • The reason for entering Canada.
  • Completion of all paperwork, including, if required, a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) and/or Rehabilitation (like Criminal Rehabilitation).
  • Assembling necessary supporting data.
  • Assistance with writing letters of support.
  • Obtaining court records.
  • Providing assistance in obtaining police reports.
  • Getting ready for interviews.
  • In all formal communications, represent the client before CBSA, CIC, and other governmental entities (usually by e-mail but may also occur over the phone or fax).
  • During the application review process and until the applicant is safely admitted to Canada, you will have unrestricted (but reasonable) access to the organization practitioner.

NOTE: The officer must firmly hold the following beliefs:

  • You won’t repeat the actions that led to the original issuance of the order.
  • It is crucial that the officer has faith in your sincere intentions to stay in Canada.

Documents required for ARC application

Your request for an Authorization to Return to Canada or ARC, must include the following supporting documentation:

  • A letter detailing the grounds for the removal order and why you should be permitted to return to Canada
  • Two current passport-sized pictures
  • A passport photocopy
  • Biometrics
  • An application for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) has been submitted
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