Study Permit Extension in Canada

The Study Permit Extension program in Canada was designed for international students who require an extension of their study permit. To study in Canada most of foreign nationals must have a valid study permit. In the event their studies are longer then the validation of their study permit, they must apply for an study permit extension. Sometimes this happens if a student is transferring their studies to a longer program of study or they just might need a longer time to complete their studies due to some personal or other reasons. Students must apply at least 30 days before expiration of their study permits otherwise, they would have to apply in the 90 day period of their restoration following the expiration of their study permit.

The application for a study permit extension must be submitted to IRCC using an online access account.

When a student is applying for an extension of their study permit, they must apply before their study permit expires. This enables the student to continue studying without interruptions while waiting for the extension if there are no other conditions that have changed on their study permit.

In case a student wishes to change their level of study, changing institution or conditions on their study permit, they might have to apply for a new study permit.

Study Permit Extension Eligibility and Requirements

A study permit will expire on the date printed on the study permit or 90 days after the day the student completes their studies, whichever comes first.

If a student forgot to apply for the extension on time, they might submit a restoration application to restore their status and pay the restoration fees (CAD $350) with study permit fees (CAD $150).

Before an international student can apply for the extension of the study permit, they need to ensure the DLI is on the list. If the DLI is no longer on the list, then the student needs to enroll at a DLI listed and approved by the IRCC.

If a student is planning to travel outside Canada and their study permit is expiring while travelling, a study permit extension should be submitted.

Study Permit Extension Status Process

To keep studying, a student must apply for a study permit extension online and follow the guidelines.

  • If a student’s spouse or dependent children are accompanying them to Canada, they need to go through the same process of their status extension.
  • The processing time for a study permit extension is close to 2 months
  • If a student lost their status and applied to restore their status as student, a student cannot study until their student status is restored
  • Assemble the required documents proving your need to extend the study permit and apply online.

If a study permit expires and the student did not apply for an extension, they must leave Canada.

Study Permit Extension Supporting Documents

When applying for the extension, a student should answer all the questions on the application form and submit the supporting documents to present their extension application.

An individual re-entering Canada with an (extended) study permit must also have a valid passport, TRV or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), and their DLI should be approved with the Covid-19 readiness plan and meet other requirements upon entry.

Usually, required documents for a study permit extension are issued by the DLI confirming the study permit extension is necessary for the student to complete their studies.

If a student cannot apply online for a study permit extension, they have an option to submit their application on paper.

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