Quebec Skilled Immigration in Canada

Quebec Skilled Immigration Program has its own processing and selection criteria. Being a province with a distinctive status in Canada having specific provisions, it promotes many options for permanent residence to the applicants while maintaining their strong Francophone characteristic. However, the applicants must first meet the selection criteria and be issued a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) to be able to apply under the one of the following Quebec’s immigration programs:

  • Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)
  • Quebec Experience Program – Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ)
  • Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs
  • Quebec Business Immigration Programs

Quebec has more immigration authority than any other province in Canada.

If the applicants are selected by the province of Quebec, they are issued a Certificate de sélection du Québec (CSQ) issued by the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration du Québec. After receiving the CSQ, the applicants can apply for one of the Quebec’s Immigration programs for permanent residence.

Quebec has their own process, procedures and criteria when selecting their immigrants.

Quebec Skilled Immigration eligibility and requirements

  • The province of Quebec may select the applicants according to their provisions and criteria required however, the applicants are approved for permanent residence only by the federal government authority (IRCC).

The CSQ does not give the applicants permanent status in Canada. Also, it does not allow the applicants to enter Canada on CSQ.

The applicants who are interested to immigrate to Quebec under economic immigration categories can apply if they meet the requirements and eligibility criteria outlined by the province of Quebec to obtain CSQ.

Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)

This program is for foreign skilled workers with an intention to become permanent residents of Canada and settle in Quebec. To meet the criteria of this program the applicant must be selected and have:

  • Training and professional skills that will smoothly be integrated into employment in Quebec
  • Language proficiency requirements need to be met
  • Age basis
  • Family circumstances
  • Other criteria standards

Quebec Experience Program – Programme de l’expérience québécoise (PEQ)

This program is favored for immigration purposes by international students with a diploma from Quebec post-secondary institution and skilled workers with qualified work experience in the province. The applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older,
  • Have an intent to stay in Quebec to keep a job,
  • Meet the advanced intermediate level of French language proficiency.

Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs

Presently, Quebec offers 3 permanent immigration pilot programs focused on workers in:

  • Food industry,
  • Orderlies and
  • Robotics or artificial intelligence, IT, and visual effects sectors.

Under each above-mentioned pilot program there will be a selection of up to 550 applicants in eligible occupations every year. Applicant’s family members may also be issued a CSQ under these same pilot programs. The applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • French language requirements (with an option of francization courses)
  • education
  • work experience
  • targeted occupations
  • other general requirements (intention to settle and meet the conditions to remain in Quebec, show financial sufficiency for first 3 months upon arrival)

Quebec Business Immigration Programs

If foreign nationals can demonstrate their resources, they can apply under 3 immigration programs in Quebec for entrepreneurs:

  • Entrepreneur program:
    • Stream One – for starting a new businesses or start-ups
    • Stream Two – owner owned and operated businesses
  • Investor program – applicants meeting the eligibility criteria need to provide the Quebec government with an investment but are not required to conduct a business in Quebec

Self-employed program – for professionals or tradespersons meeting the requirements of the program.

Since August 2, 2018, all CSQs are valid for the duration of 2 years or until the IRCC decides on their application. All CSQs issued before the above-mentioned date are valid for 3 years.

Quebec Skilled Immigration Process

Regular Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) allows all interested applicants to apply via online platform “Arrima” and submit their Express of Interest (EOI).

EOI is a 2-step process for selecting the skilled workers (abroad or already in the province):

  • First: an applicant needs to submit an expression of interest for permanent immigration through the portal “Arrima” which enables the government to classify the applicants based on labor force and labor market-related criteria.
  • Second: the government invites the highest-ranked applicants to apply for permanent immigration depending on many components.

The selection under the QSWP program is based on the applicants’ profile, level of education, work experience, language skills and any ties to Quebec.

The applicants must express their interest through Arrima portal into the pool. The profiles submitted are given a mark based on the general factors like age, education, work experience and language skills. The applicants with the highest marks are invited to apply for permanent election by the Government of Quebec based on regular draws. The invited applicants will use a Mon Project Quebec portal to conclude and submit an application for permanent immigration. Also, the same portal allows the applicants to make the payment of fees, check status updates and access personal email. Those selected will be issued a CSQ and have an option to apply for permanent residence to IRCC.

During the processing of QSWP application the IRCC will check the applicant’s criminal background and request for medical examination.

Quebec Experience Program

Foreign students, who completed their eligible degree and applicants with eligible work experience in Quebec, may apply through PEQ and obtain a CSQ, allowing them to apply for permanent residence to the province of Quebec.

The applicants not meeting the eligibility criteria of the PEQ but have the relevant work experience or studies in Quebec may be eligible to apply for CSQ through QSWP.

International students – to be able to apply for CSQ under the PEQ the applicants must show intention to remain in Quebec and keep a job, show they have remained temporarily in Quebec for their studies and completed an eligible 2-year degree (Masters, Bachelors or DEC diploma) recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education in the past 3 years, have 1-year work experience in a 0, A, B level job and be employed by the time of submission of application.

If the applicant had mandatory internship, only a maximum of 3 months will be counted towards their work experience.

Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs

Quebec Permanent Immigration Pilot Programs were created to help the province match the labor needs in some sectors. The applicants need to meet general requirements, education level, work experience, language skills and targeted occupations.

Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Workers in Food Processing – the applications are accepted between March 24 and October 31, 2021.

Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Orderlies – is for applicants working as orderlies, nurses aides or as patient service associates. The applications are accepted between March 24 and October 31, 2021. The program has 2 streams in which specific conditions apply:

Permanent Immigration Pilot Program for Workers in Robotics or the Artificial Intelligence (AI), IT, and Visual Effects Sectors – is focused on Quebec graduates in AI and foreign nationals working in technology sector in Quebec or holding a valid job offer from an employer in Quebec. The program has 2 streams:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Information Technology and Visual Effects (IT/VE)

The program’s objective is to select 275 Quebec graduates and temporary workers in the AI sector, and 275 foreign workers in the IT/VE sector.

By January 1, 2026, all 3 Quebec Permanent Immigration programs will be in effect.

The applicants must follow the requirements and apply in the required time frame and under specific conditions of the program criteria.

In order for the applicants to start the immigration process through one of the 3 Quebec immigration pilot programs, they need to submit an application of interest through the Arrima portal.

Quebec Business Immigration Programs

Applicants applying under Quebec Business Immigration programs must show they are able to become economically established in Canada and have the intention of settling in the province of Quebec. There are 3 Quebec Business Immigration programs, and each have their own requirements and processing criteria:

  • Quebec Investor Program – the applicants can receive marks in 6 criteria factors and a minimum of 40 points is required among many other financial criteria requirements.
  • Quebec Entrepreneur Program – the applicants under one of the 2 streams of this program must meet the education as well as financial criteria with other specific requirements.
  • Quebec Self-Employed Worker Program – the applicants are required to meet the minimum requirements of education, professional experience as a self-employed worker, financial self-sufficiency, a deposit for start-up and minimum net worth.

All 3 programs give an opportunity to obtain permanent residence in Canada by meeting certain financial as well as general requirements.

 After submitting all required documents as per the selection criteria, the selected applicants in this category will be issued a CSQ and be able to apply for permanent residence for Canada through IRCC.

The Quebec Investor Program is suspended until April 1, 2023.

Quebec Skilled Immigration Supporting documents

In most of Quebec Skilled Immigration programs, applicants are requested to submit various personal, financial, and other documents to be eligible to apply.

Check the applicable government fees and make the payment when submitting your permanent residence application

Among many different documents applicants are most required to show their French language skills.

Many of the required documents must be certified true copies.

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